Floral installations have become increasingly popular over the last few years and we have been creating these installations since the early days. From Galleries to restaurants, luxury fashion stores and boutique cafes we have created some incredible showstoppers for our clients.

We design and create each installation bespoke to fit our clients ethos, style and brand.


With social media playing a huge part in our everyday life, these installations are hugely popular backdrops for the likes of Instagram and Pinterest. This means footfall has increased for many of our clients whose customers want to capture that perfect insta moment to share with their followers.


Our installations are popular all year round, to celebrate new openings, rebrands, new products, Christmas, pride or just for the hell of it. We use the best quality silk flowers to give the most realistic, luxury finish to our designs and these can be installed inside or outside and can remain in situ for around 2-3 months depending on season.

The Maddox Gallery here with 3 totally different designs, completely transforming the building each time


As well as our faux flower installations, we do get the opportunity to create fresh installations too, our favourite time of year is Chelsea in Bloom which we have won gold and silver awards for many of our installations with clients like Hackett, Kiehls and Oliver Peoples over the years.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to floral installations and we love having the opportunity to get super creative with our clients and their brief to create something spectacular to promote their brand and services. Over the last few months, sadly the opportunity hasn’t been there due to lockdown so we are excited to get back soon and create more show stopping installations.

if you are thinking about a floral installation, however big or small then please get in touch with the team as we would love to hear from you – info@wildabout.co.uk

For more floral inspiration please check out our Instagram @wildaboutflower


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